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Google shows in a video how to work a Chromebook Android apps

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One of the pleasant surprises that left Google I/O is the news about Android apps which will be finally installed on a Chromebook and Chrome OS. All an arrival to anyone who has any device with that OS to be able to have millions of apps Google Play store for installation and enjoyment.

The news was that all apps of Android in the Play Store would arrive at the end of this year to Chrome OS. During that presentation Google made several demonstrations of how these apps would work. Among all these presentations for developers, there were also a few dedicated to apps of Android which highlights “Coming to Chromebook Near You”.

At the meeting, that we already have the video on YouTube, was used the app Photoshop Express to create an image, which was taken to Microsoft Word to finally be sent by Android Gmail app. All the experience seen in the video shows how it is very well integrated and highlights as well is the framework of Android embedded in Chrome OS.

Even in the show view one Pixel Chromebook, the option of gestures was present and worked just as well. Also the gaming possibilities I can see from a Chromebook with the game Galaxy on Fire 2 he could play through the tactile controls. We have doubt if we will be able to use a keyboard or gamepad by bluetooth to enjoy in all its essence to all sorts of games through a Chromebook.

Anyway, we are quite a few months to Android apps arrive to Chrome OS, so anything can happen to have even supports keyboard and controls of the game, something that would elevate the capabilities of a Chromebook.

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