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Google shows you a video how you switch an iPhone to the Pixel

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Google has been between the eyes being a phone manufacturer of high end with your Pixel, a phone that is raising critical acclaim and will go to becoming an alternative to those high-end from Samsung and Apple. A course since it was presented in a very humble way, to those analyses that have deepened to introduce an Android device that works very well in all the most important sections of a mobile device today.

Apart from publishing a series of TV ads, Google is also releasing video tutorials of how to begin to cope with the Pixel. Apart from those first tips, he has also published a new video that teaches you to have a phone iPhone to one Pixel. Google knows that this year Apple has launched an iPhone a little bland, so, coupled with the collapse of the Note 7, is seeing an opportunity that does not want to lose any of the ways.

Google has published two videos, one, dedicated to teaching basic and features pixel, parties, and the other, to help the user to move from your iPhone to your own manufactured phone. We will not go into detail on those first tips, since, which we are accustomed to Android, we already know manage notifications, the speedy adjustments Panel or go to settings from the toothed wheel in the expanded status bar icon.

Click here to view the embedded video.

To make the leap from an iPhone to the Pixel, should have lit the two phones, close all apps and make sure that each of them has the battery above 50%. The new SIM card is inserted and you follow the instructions on screen. To copy the data should make sure it is connected to a network and then connect the cable on the iPhone. Is connects the cable to the Pixel to the use the Quick Switch Adapter that is within the own box of the phone, and already only there that leave that Google do a scan to copy all. When the transfer is finished, you will have the calendar, contacts, emails, messages, attachments, music, images and videos in your Pixel.

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