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Google Talk in Gmail will miss the closing on June 26

Again I turn to speak in Androidsis a service of Google whose life will soon reach its end. It’s Google Talk in Gmail, and is not something that should be surprising as commonplace is already in the company both the launch and the closure of services that do not already have a majority of users.

As the company announced via a post published on his blog, many users of Google chat services will be affected by this new decision which means the end of the functions of Google Talk in Gmail from June 26, and the transition of these users to another signature chat client , Hangouts.

The final goodbye to Google Talk

Google Talk debuted more than one decade ago, in the year 2005 as the official chat client for Gmail, but when the company added support for Hangouts in Gmail in 2013, beginning the end for the Talk service. Now, Google has announced that on June 26th, Gmail users will be automatically transferred to Hangouts.

Full transition from Google Talk to Hangouts: Google Talk was launched in 2005 as a simple chat between Gmail users experience. In 2013, we begin to replace Google Talk with Hangouts, while we were still offering users the option to continue using Google Talk. Hangouts offers improvements in Google Talk, advanced video calls in Group and integration with other Google products. With the introduction of Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat, which added additional improvements in the meetings and the collaboration of teams, now is the time to say goodbye to Google Talk.

Those who still continue using Google Talk in Gmail you will receive a notice announcing its end and inviting them to “move” to the service Hangouts of Google, though esto will be something that occurs automatically from the day mentioned, unless there is some kind of commitment of a contractual nature.

users Talk inside Gmail will receive a message in the coming weeks, inviting them to switch to Hangouts. After June 26, users automatically become Hangouts, unless contractual commitments are implemented. For users who prefer the appearance of Google Talk, there is a configuration of given Roster in Hangouts that provides a similar experience.

Users who continue to use the old application from Google Talk for Android, which was replaced by Hangouts in 2013 in Google Play Store, should know that this also you will no longer be operational.

The old Google Talk Android application was replaced in Play Store in 2013 and will cease to operate. Android users are encouraged to install Hangouts now.

The end of Google Talk in Gmail is part of another wave of finals that will take place from April

The news comes as an accompaniment to other ads in the same vein through which Google has already made public the end of a series of plug-ins for Gmail that will occur April 24, including the authentication icon, the Google Voice player, Picasa previews, quick links, Yelp previews , etc., as well as two Google + Gmail features such as the possibility of sending profiles Google + e-mail, and use of circles of Google +.

Nor should we forget that Google has also announced its plans to eliminate Hangouts SMS text messaging services, something that will take place on May 22.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see a notification in the classic application of Hangouts to already change to another application of SMS on your phone or download messages of Android if no one is available. The choice of a new messaging application will not affect your SMS message history and all your messages will be visible in the new application that choose.

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