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Google updated satellite images of Earth so that they look more defined and spectacular form


Google Earth is one of the more special services that have Mountain View’s property and so updated the images that get that we can explore our planet in a way that decades ago we could not have done. This allows us to explore spaces and places, almost as if we were there if we combine it with Street View, one of the best Google services.

Today Google has deployed a new version of higher quality in the visual with a few satellite images renovated from the satellite Landsat 8 and a new processing techniques so that the images appear sharper than before. By what you can access an enhanced version of Google Earth to be able to see the planet as never before it had done since the facility posed by this app and service.

Landsat was launched into orbit in 2013 and is the newest sensor in the program Landstar’s USGS/NASA, superior to their predecessors in different characteristics. Landsat 8 captures images with great detail, more realistic colors and unprecedented frequency, allowing you to take pictures twice more up-to-date than Landsat 7. So Earth Gets the most recent data available mainly from Landsat 8, which manages to have the global mosaic updated daily.


The process to have these images free of clouds, is because of the close to the petabytes of data, which are more than 700 trillion pixels, choose the best so geography appears at its best. The important thing is that this update has been possible largely thanks to the Landsat program and its desire to offer data free and open-source. Landsat is a program that has been observing the Earth from 1972 to the present day and offers great interest information related to the changes that occur on the surface of the planet.

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