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Google Voice updated is visually after years without receiving major news

Google Voice

At the beginning of this month, Google confirmed that was working on a new Google Voice. Is already a few hours ago when the company has released the update to Google Voice with a higher version that brings an updated design and new features.

This update is the largest Google Voice received in five years of service, so it becomes quite an event of if. Google Voice for Android, iOS and the web will receive a new appearance visual with a design more intuitive.

The messages Inbox has tabs for text messages, calls, and voice mail, while the talks now are in a continuous timeline, so so the user can see all of your messages from all contacts in one place and space.

Google Voice

Google Voice now receives support for MMS and groups as well as the responses to the notifications served a nougat which has them very well implemented as we learned on-site. The company has made clear that it will offer more updates and features to Google Voice in the future.

If you are currently using Hangouts for Google Voice communications, now you need to need to give change to new apps. Anyway, Google is suggesting to the users to try the new features of Google Voice, an app that has been in dry dock for years and it seems Yes now receiving the affection required by Google to offer other sensations to users.

It curious is that the own great G launched Google Allo makes months, by what seems very determined in have several apps of messaging and voice simultaneously to so attend in a repertoire of applications that is it put more difficult to the user, although still not has with the welcome of the great public with its Allo.

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