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Google Wifi app introduces the programmed pause

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In these times in which we are permanently connected sometimes, a movement as simple as turn off internet, may be a good idea. Precisely for this reason, and to avoid the ever-present temptation to check if we have a new text message or an email while we enjoyed our disconnection in our smartphone or tablet, Google has launched a simple but interesting novelty.

It is the latest update of the app from Google Wifi which includes a new feature that will allow owners of wireless devices to set a time to turn off the Internet.

Pause scheduled, a new feature from the experience

The Internet is a very useful since it allows us to see our favorite Netflix series chapter after chapter, look for the information we need or be in contact with our most beloved among many other advantages however, these moments sometimes can turn into hours and hours viewing videos, photographs and subtracting time to other important life activities , as sleep and rest. This is why Google has created “a new feature for Google Wifi that allows you to automatically pause Internet for everyday as bed-time events” to help to relax at the end of the day, or have a daily schedule of ‘task’ for your children to focus before dinner.

The new feature has received the name Pausescheduled, and has its origin in an idea that Edith Chao, responsible for the project for Google Wifi, had while searching for family-use tools to add to the application. Bye said that it was difficult to go to sleep because every day he was checking emails or surfing the Internet late into the night. When he finally decided that your computer disconnects from internet to a pre-set time, he realized that slept more and better, and that in the morning woke up more rested.

How it works the new “pause scheduled” developed for the Google Wifi app

Thus the own Chao Edith tells it through a post published on the official Google blog that announces this new “programmed pause” function:

The idea behind the programmed pause began a year ago. While exploring the best way of creating tools for families, I noticed that I was having trouble staying asleep. He checked the emails and surfing the internet until late at night. Experimenting with options, I started using a timer on my computer to turn off the Internet at 11 p.m. The first night was a shock, but after a few nights I was ready to close before. And it was fresh and rejuvenated in the morning.

Edith Chao began to share his experience both inside and outside the company and then realized that the time we spend in front of the computer, tablet or smartphone can become a problem, especially for fathers and mothers who each day have that live a real “battle” so that their sons and daughters to leave devices and come to dinner or bedtime.

When I started to talk to more people, inside and outside of Google, I discovered that the time on the screen was a challenge common to the fathers, since children put their favorite game to fight for dinner without eyes glued to the devices.

This is the logic that is behind the new programmed pause feature, and which already offers some ideas for that time of scheduled downtime. Update already is getting underway, mostly with the idea of helping parents to control access to the network to their children, but the truth is that this feature can be very useful for anyone who needs some obligation to leave internet and devote his time to other things.

We hope that the programmed pause help you already family to create time for all are more present and enjoy the everyday moments.

How about the new feature of Google Wifi app?

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