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Google will give developers of apps a greater percentage of income

Google Play Store

Google is looking for ways to apps developers see the Google Play Store as the final destination of his work for better income. It is not easy for a lot of creators of apps monetize their applications, so those in Mountain View are still devising and proposing new formulas not to make so many people give up on the epic which means launching an application to this shop, at least the benefits.

As we have been able to know today itself, Google is introducing a new model of revenue-sharing that will give a greater percentageof apps developers. Something that goes in harmony with what you are looking for Apple with developers releasing apps to the App Store. Like Cupertino, plans of the big G is to increase the amount that Android developers receive from 70% to 85% of all revenues from subscriptions.

And is that even Google offer sounds better than the makers of the iPhone, because the company will give apps publishers 85 per cent of the income of all subscribers, and not only those who pay for a 12 month subscription.

The source of the news also mentioned Mountain View began with proposals for this new model with entertainment companies, especially with those related to video services, a year ago. One of the objectives of this new formula was to attract these companies to Chromecast compatibility.

Anyway, we don’t have at the moment the information on when the new scheme will be available for all third-party developers, but at least we know that Google is putting meats on the grill so they earn more money and that we pay go a higher percentage on those who create these apps that we usually use.

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