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Google will launch this year its own smartphone by year’s end


We are looking forward to know more about two new phones Nexus which will be landing to, supposedly, the month of September. A Nexus that work with the purest version of Android that can be found and which are manufactured by other companies like Huawei, HTC and Motorola.

But if the new report which has come down to us is right, Google is planning to manufacture its own smartphone. From The Telegraph, comes the news that Google would be releasing its own mobile this year. The information has been supplied to this publication from a reliable source, while others maintain that Google is currently in talks with operators to launch its own smartphone.

You have to see this news with the intentions of Huawei use their own OS as we saw last week? This rumor could lead Google to put more pressure on a market in which your smartphone put the example of what there is to throw. More control over every aspect of the device would be concerned to manufacturers who would lose some freedoms around the design, functionality and support. We can also relate this story with that of an Executive from Samsung that would soon move all their smartphones to Tizen, while Huawei has also said something like if you leave Android.

At the moment, Google has not said anything about the rumor that has appeared in a newspaper of such importance. With this said, Google has not been quiet in their desires to take the initiative to launch own smartphone. What is it very clear that if you are right for the emergence of an own smartphone, things will move in with their hardware partners and in everything related to Android and the manufacturers throwing terminals with this OS.

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