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Google will not launch more Pixel desktops

Google has decided to manufacture and sell its laptop computer Pixel which, originally, was essential intended to stand up to the Apple MacBook Air line which, precisely, has also started its gradual disappearance.

Rick Osterlohthe, senior Vice President of hardware Google, responded to a question about the future of the portable Pixel during a meeting with journalists at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, that the company “has no plans to make one at this time”.

According to the information posted on the web site TechCrunch, Osterlohthe added that the versions that are on the market already have been sold completely and that there are no plans to make more. Quickly, the Google Executive was quick to clarify that he was not referring to notebooks, ChromeOS operating system.

“Chrome OS is a major initiative in the company,” Osterloh said. “Google has not been removed from the laptops, we have the share market number two in the U.S. and U.K., but we have no plans to brand Google portable.”

The Google Chromebook was the first device to use the Pixel which, since then, has been adopted by the latest range of smartphones from the company, the Pixel and Pixel XL.

The portable Google Pixel originals were released in 2013 and highlighted its hardware which included a touch screen and an attractive premium design, however, the operating system only only worked with the Chrome browser and a handful of cloud-based applications. In addition, its price does not help because it started in 1,299 dollars.

The second version of the Chromebook Pixel launched in 2015 and cost 999 dollars. He was one of the first laptops to integrate USB-C along with the Retina 12-inch Apple MacBook, but its price and its restrictive operating system returned to play against as other third-party Chromebooks are sold for just $250.

It can that Google will send other laptops in the future however, what it seems clear is that the company wants to reserve the name of Pixel to their smartphones and, for the moment, only the Pixel C tablet shares this designation.

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