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Google will offer opinions translations restaurants and points of interest

Google ofrecerá las opiniones traducidas de restaurantes y puntos de interés

Whether we are used to travel regularly to other countries of the world, as if we do a punctual journey, one of the first things that we tend to do is to find restaurants, preferably of traditional food, to eat and dine, not only by logical necessity, but as part of our tourism, this “gastronomy tourism” as many call it.

To do this, our smartphone and Google are two incredible tools, because it allows us to find restaurants and, also, to see the opinions of other users, something that will help us in our decision. However, it is also frequent that we do not understand those comments for not being in our language. But Google has announced that it will solve that problem providing reviews of restaurants and points of interest translated both Google Maps and your main app.

As the company has been reported through a post on his official blog, the language will no longer be a problem for all users who travel to foreign countries and who wishes to consult the reviews that other users have left in Google Maps on restaurants and other points of interest that have been visited.

This new feature displays the opinion or review translated into the local language of the user at the top of the screen of the device, while the original version will be shown at the bottom, as can be seen in the image illustrating this story above.

With this new option, the need to copy the text of these opinions and paste it in Google Translate or in any other application or translation service to understand it will disappear.

Although it’s a small novelty added to Google’s services, no doubt will be very useful, especially for those who, for business reasons, either for personal reasons, they travel a lot around the world. But we will also know what thought other citizens about restaurants that we have closer to home.

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