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Google will present the new Google Earth next week

Google Earth

A new version of Google Earth will be presented on April 18, just four days before the celebration of Earth Day.

Google Earth used to be one of the most interesting tools to be used online, since it offered users a simple way to explore different places on earth or even see streets and other points of interest. However, in recent years, Earth was engulfed by Maps, which became an impressive tool with many useful features.

For now, it is not clear what Google might plan for the day of the presentation, while taking into account that it is an event exclusively dedicated to this application, we will probably see some important developments.

It is likely that the new tool comes fully renewed, perhaps with faster graphics engines for photos to load better or even some updated images through the large number of satellites of the company.

New features, more content of virtual reality

Google Earth has always allowed users to perform different activities that are not possible in Maps, such as the use of a Flight Simulator or the visualization of the effects of global warming with the passage of time. In addition, it also allows users plunge under the sea or see historical images of a particular place.

Another novelty that could herald the company at your next event is the integration of more elements of virtual reality.

Taking into account the announcement of the company carried out a few months ago in connection with Google Earth VR, that allows users placed an VR helmet and flying through different destinations around the world as a kind of Superman, there are many possibilities to see more content focused on this functionality. For now, Google Earth VR only has support for multiple predefined targets, as the Amazon River, Manhattan or the Swiss Alps.

Unfortunately, all this is pure speculation of time, and the only thing we can do is to wait a few days, until April 18, when the company unveiled the new Google Earth for everyone.

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