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Google’s project Blocks is a new way to teach kids to program

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Google is a company that usually has its fans and its detractors, but for certain initiatives is able to win the attention of many when it is capable of improving the world that surrounds us as those new maps in Google Earth. It is teaching where it is difficult to criticize him when launching any proposal that will help to improve the knowledge and skills of children, as is the case with its new initiative.

Google today announced a new partnership with Paulo Blikstein of Stanford University and IDEO to launch Project Bloks, an Open hardware platform to create an experience of “physical” blocks programming that will enhance the education of kids in this area. Teach programming will be seen in a different way with this interesting project.

The idea for the creation of Project Bloks, Google was based on the efficiency involved in experimenting with learning techniques that facilitate access to the programming of children. To this new agreement, Google chose to create open platforms so the designers, developers, and researchers could innovate and experience in computing tools for children.


Project Bloks created system is composed of three primary parts. A “Brain Board” is created in a Raspberry Pi Zero which is the main processing unit. The “Brain Board” supplies the power to the systems built and has an API that is able to send and receive data from other parties. This “Brain Board” is also capable of sending instructions to other devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to get so the children can see the results of their efforts in the programming.

There are also other pieces called “Core Board” in which you can find LEDs to provide feedback in real time. It also has a capacitive sensor that is used as a conduit to the commands from the third and final component, the “Puck”. The Pucks can be programmed with various instructions such as “jump” or “move left”. Developers and designers will be able to create the Pucks with ways to help children understand their duties.

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