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He first smartwatch Android Wear from Swarovski will be released in March


Right now us find stagnant in them smarwatches since Android Wear 2.0 still has of be released and are them manufacturers which are waiting for that is deployed for go presenting their new betting for that type of devices wearables that not have impacted in the market as les had liked to all those companies that have invested amount huge of money.

While LG and Motorola not is have committed to the launch of new smartwatches, although of the first already have some rumor, Swarovski has announced that will be allying is with Qualcomm for launch its first watch Android Wear designed for women in Baselworld 2017, which will be just in the month of March.

Swarovski not revealed much more about the smartwatch, apart from what will be a wearable that will work thanks to a processor of Qualcomm. We were knowing us we will have a smarwatch of luxury, but not details related to specifications and all those details that get us to pay attention to this news, but know that this brand has ventured into what is Android Wear is all news.

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Returning to the theme of the bad figures of sales of them watches smart, perhaps is could see an interest again by the public in general with the release of Android Wear 2.0. Among the most noteworthy features of this update, we can know that it will allow the launch of apps independent of phone, NCF with integration into Android Pay and access to Play Store.

Already, Google stated that there are two smartwatches Nexus coming sometime this quarter in which we find ourselves. He also mentioned that some of the manufacturers would be that which has previously been present in wearables launching with Android Wear. If we look as LG has been out of the game Nexus/Pixel, possibly would be the Korean manufacturer which will bring them to us.

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