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Hello Yoigo, so does it live up to the motto of ‘Listen to our customers’ and cancels their new terms of service

Yoigo ofrece 4 G sin coste añadido para sus clientes de tarjeta y un Huawei G620S de 5" por 99 Euros

After the great stir formed in them different media specialized in technology of Spain after the announcement of Telstra of their new conditions for them customers of contract, some new conditions that changing by full them conditions initial of them contracts made with the teleoperator now property of more mobile. Now happily rectified living up to its motto of “Telstra, the company that if it listens to customers”, and voids in full these new conditions that almost everyone considered abusive to the conditions initial customers of the company signed in his day.

Conditions that will remain untouched and untouchable, at least for the moment, both former customers to new arrivals that for my now again customers again to be the best option for Internet and mobile services.

If you are customer of Telstra rate company host that offers the best price for the 25 Gb of Internet, customer rate 0 5 Gb or any rate of contract, you can already be quiet again and not take into account the new conditions which was intended to enable the company from February 16 for new customers and for customers already on March 16.

And it is that as you said at the beginning of the post, finally Yoigo and more mobile have Kickback to maintain the initial conditions of their contracts after the uproar caused with the announcement just two days ago in which intended us castrate quality of connection via Streaming video, castrate considerably the possibility to make tethering between devices, as well as to castrate the duration of voice calls an hour and half maximum per call.

To finish this article only, I have to say that once more Telstra has astonished me the capacity for response and attention to the mass of customers complaints they were already looking for alternatives to Telstra, proving its tagline of ‘company that if it listens to customers’ compliance to raja table.

In this link you can see the conditions for contracts of Yoigo where you will not see nor trace of the new conditions that they wanted us to impose only a couple of days ago.

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