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Help Charlie Dapperbot to land safely in the charming I, Falling Robot

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He use of the gyroscope to play to different games was quite surprising in them beginning of them devices mobile and to day of today serve very well to place the smartphone of form landscape as if outside a steering wheel. Of this form can play to videogames of driving in which can take best those curves to get a best time of return. Also the use of that sensor us is worth to take a while fun to another type of games casual in which have of move the mobile of form skillful to avoid certain obstacles.

Is I, Falling Robot with the use of that sensor taking vital so you have to know to handle it properly. A simple and game casual in which must of help to Charlie Dapperbot to land of way safe to the falling from a sky infinite. A fun and sympathetic game in which the protagonist you will arrive to dazzle and that, in the moment that you do to your control, enjoy by it well selected that is its gameplay. A game that is left to play and has some good interesting virtues with which we are sure you will conquer.

It all depends on your skill

When is start the split must of pass by a tutorial in which are you will teach part of the gameplay of the game. Here can learn to have the touch enough to go measuring the movement of the robot of a side to another so so can learn to Dodge all those platforms that will come direct to you. It is important that this sensor works correctly, since otherwise you suffer much in order to achieve good scores.

I, Falling Robot

Apart from what is control of the character, you can go by clicking on the various “enemies” that appear such as those birds, or go by removing those clothes ropes that will stop your character to fall properly. You have three lives before you finish the game, so well cared for by where you fall, since it will depend on the life of this cybernetic robot with that particular hat.

12 levels are waiting for you

I, Robot Falling has 12 levels with increasing difficulty and in which everyone can find a piece of music that gives a special touch to the game. Here is where we can retract to those old movies in which a pianist was needed to liven up the film session. That special point over what is well sympathetic character, this game becomes one very different to others and that can play their cards well.

I, Falling Robot

Apart from the gameplay, you have also the achievements or the leader board to extend the life of the game and thus to bite you with those players who will try to get the highest possible score. In this type of games in which not there is much content, them achievements or the table of leaders are vital to continue encouraging to the player to go falling from the sky.

You have I, Falling Robot for free from the Google Play Store. The game has advertising, with an option to delete that goes from the € 1.09 and €9,99. It will depend on you to choose any of them, because if you get to dazzle you the way to thank the designer of this casual friendly so keep updating it and launching new video games coming soon to the Google store.

Quality technical

I, falling robot

Surprisingly, very pleasantly surprised with the soundtrack with the piano that will accentuate the robot protagonist falls. The character design is very successful and transforms you into one well sympathetic. He use monochrome also gets harmonize with the rest of elements and, in final, us find to a very good casual of great manufacturing and in which is note that is has spoiled every one of its details. That Yes, well calibrated sensor, since it will depend on you to consume more or less points.

I recommend this another chance in which gravity has theirs.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great style in general
  • Charming musical pieces


  • Nothing

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