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HERE Maps Relaunches as HERE WeGo with new features and approach


HERE Maps has been one of the apps and maps services that has made possible that Google put the batteries with your Maps. When Maps maps offline, appeared HERE Maps offering this great feature to show that you can have some great quality maps that can be downloaded so that, when you are offline, they are used for navigation. This movement has led to talk about every few minutes of news in Maps as yesterday.

This app brought to Wikipedia Sights for localization functionality. The app is one of those that tends to be updated through the beta program for Android users and has now taken the decision to relaunch the application with a new name, HERE WeGo. And it does so too with some interesting news which I will detail below.

The focus of the new HERE WeGo is make it the perfect partner to offer the best information when a user is moving anywhere. This change is also reflected in the map that is on the web that happens to be called by the same name, so it’s all a huge transformation to one of the best alternatives that have to Google Maps.


Apart from the change in the name, you can find new forms for move is around and what is a new look. It has added the possibility of make routes in bike, taxi and cars of clubs. You can access the prices of public transport like taxis. From the page they claim that the app pays better and find faster routes to what you did earlier.

Now hopefully they continue offering high quality and they are updating this service which, as I have said, is the most serious alternative to Google Maps.

Download: HERE WeGo (Free, Google Play) →

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