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Hill Climb Racing 2 takes you to racing multiplayer unsynchronized well funny

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The weekend last had a game well fun with Time Bomb Race and that is very related with the protagonist of this entry. Throughout the base, since we have a 2D which will take us to a car that is loaded with a time bomb on the roof. Will have that deal with a series of slopes so not exploited and have that return to begin the game. This gameplay it have seen in others so many games that is dressed up with zombies u another type of theme for so add you more background to a category that us allows enjoy of good video games without many ambitions.

Although Hill Climb Racing 2 proposes carry those mechanical to some games multiplayer unsynchronized in which will have that run against other three players more. It is a pity that there are many games that propose split unsynchronized when we have millions of people enjoying a good entertainment. This what means is that the split that go casting is van keeping and automatically pass to be released to them of others players so are in a mode online that gets the feeling of that not play only, although really is so.

The skill at the wheel and vehicle physics

These types of games tend to be good simple and are worth two or three controls to control the vehicle well. In this case we have the brake and the accelerator, more than would be the various ups and downs that we will be jumping and that will be through the air car. There will have that know balance it it sufficiently well to not overturn, since in that case is there will be finished the split leaving that them others runners is go of form direct towards the goal.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Our vehicle can be updated appropriately to this form of handle to the different slopes and downhill is simple and we don’t have to be using our Adventure at the wheel at least getting to goal. So you will have several aspects to update according to go getting more coins to the get raise you with it victory or pass to the second or third since. Also has with customization of the driver and of the vehicle to give you an apex different and thus differentiate us from the rest of runners.

30 different circuits await you

Will have numerous vehicles different, parts modifiable and up to 30 circuits different in which you will put to test against others so many runners. A video game that is based in win ranges and unlock new levels, challenge to friends to compete in those races or even beat them times record world in them tables of leaders.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Apart from what is the multiplayer asincronizado, Hill Climb Racing 2 comes with the mode adventure infinite of the previous game, to which is will go adding more content of form free in future updates, so, if in them first split you engages, have of know that will have much game by front thanks to the efforts of the team that it develops.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is served of the model freemium so can download it of form free from the Google Play Store without major problems. Micropayments are present, but not to tarnish the experience of game to power go getting the rest of the content that you have to go by unlocking. A fun and entertaining game that is left to play and that quite hooked since the first steps that des.

Quality technical

Hill Climb Racing 2

This game needs of a physical of objects that allow take us some laughs and have the feeling of that not is so easy pilot the vehicle. It manages quite well and is seasoned with graphics, environments and designs of vehicles, like the characters, which adds high-quality overall. If you do not mind that headings are unsynchronized, you have a good multiplayer with its attractions.

Opinion of the editor


  • High-quality and engaging much
  • Your customization options
  • Its multiplayer aspect


  • Not have such a variety of circuits

Download application

Download: Hill Climb Racing 2 (+Free, Google Play) →

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