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Honor 8 will have a 5 screen, 2″ and dual 12MP camera

Honor 8

Honor is the sub-brand of Huawei is having great success in China, as soon you know from an entry then we speak of Xiaomi, which is preparing for the release of another of those terminals that will conquer the needs of many users around the world. A Huawei that brings muscle to follow still the third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world.

The new device comes to complement the recently released honour V8, although this is characterized by a screen of smaller size with 5.2 inches, not knowing yet the resolution that will be used in this new Honor 8. A terminal that comes with considerable characteristics and that put us before another serious bets for this brand of Huawei, which is finding great success.

The processor used in Honor 8 will be the Kirin 950 or the 955 and will be accompanied with 4 GB memory RAM and a dual 12 MP camera. The exact capacity of the battery is unknown, but the source of the news cries out that capacity will be more than 3,000 mAh. Like Huawei P9 and honour V8, we have another one of those new smartphones that will feature the c USB-type connector.

As far as we can see these specifications, the Honor 8 has many similarities with the Huawei P9 to exceed him in some elements. Although the rumor which we maintains that the design will be quite different. Rather than use the unique aluminum body, Honor 8 is characterized by an aluminium frame with curved glass 2.5 d in the back and referred to as the “most beautiful device” Honor has ever manufactured. See stop believing, as he would say.

The first time that Honor would be going to the glass in the rear, and it is on par with other brands. There is a specific date for the launch of the 8 Honor, but everything seems to be the month of June when making his debut.

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