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How do that your Android is connect to the signal Wi-Fi of greater power

Conectar WiFI mayor potencia

One of the worst problems that have in Android is your little capacity for manage the transition between different networks. Having WiFi signals limited by the range, if you live in a place where there are several routers, you must configure them to ensure proper wireless coverage. This that can be easy, is can convert in a nuisance if our smartphone not is capable of identify which of those networks has greater power and, therefore, us give a better connection to Internet. By this same, also Google launched Wi-Fi Assistant, that will be arriving little by little to the Nexus.

He main problem is that Android not is disconnect of the first network Wi-Fi until the strength of the signal is see lowered to zero. When this occurs, your device will not connect to another network, even if this is more powerful and closest to the original network. But as tends to happen with them serious problems of Android, have alternatives as which proposes Cloudie Development, a team that has developed a solution to this. The app has the function of select a group of networks favorite to even allow you choose the signal of lower force before pass to the preferred. No need ROOT, so we will discuss its virtues and benefits.

How select’s form automatic the network Wi-Fi of greater power

It first that we are going to do is install the app called WiFi Switcher. Assure you that is the developed by Cloudie Development, since there are some apps with the same name in the Google Play Store. This app works with networks in the 2.4 and 5 GhZ and will get you are always connected to the best available Wi-Fi network. This is the app:

Download: WiFi Switcher (Free+, Google Play) →

It must now be taken into account if we are under Android Marshmallow we will need to give the appropriate permission to access the location and so it can work properly. There is a bug in Marshmallow that will not allow apps scan Wi-Fi networks without this permission, so make sure you click on ‘allow’.

Choosing favorite networks

When we are already with the open app and in the main menu, WiFi Switcher should show you a list of all wireless networks nearby. If it does so, we made a gesture down to update them.

Puntos de acceso

Now we will see the entire list of networks and begin to press on the networks that we want to have as favorites by checking the box that is on their side. WiFi Switcher will ensure that your device only will connect to marked as “Preferred” networks.

By selecting a brand for the strength of the network signal

If you have already selected the preferred networks or “preferred” group, the only thing that we have is to choose a brand for the signal from the outside. Say that this is the line or brand that indicates to the app that has of search another network Wi-Fi of them favorite to is connect to it.

Switch range

For that click on the right in the top corner three vertical dots menu, then click on “Settings”.  We will now use the slider in “Switch Range” to make the minimum mark to change to another network to become operational. To the select any parameter on zero, that is it marked by Android as default, will get that change to another network at the moment. Theirs is to have one or two bars in the signal, but it would be better that you were experimenting to find a custom configuration.

We have the option to “Ask Before Switching” from the same settings to receive a notification with the option to change network, although this will disable the automatic change. The other option is “Show Full SSID”, which is ideal to know the full names of the rüters.

An interesting free app, although it can be heavy with advertising. Anyway, as she is not going to be setting up it every day, it cannot be over so so your smartphone is always connect to Wi-Fi network of greater power.

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