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How does RHA warranty?

RHA T20 (10)

Many of you know to RHA, British company specializing in high quality headset. I have already shown some of its solutions as the T750 RHA, RHA T10 or the stunning T20 RHA. Now I want to tell you the warranty of RHA.

For me the after sales service is one of the most important in a company and I already advance that the care received by the RHA team is perfect. So much that I decided to write this article where I am going to talk of how it works the warranty of RHA.

RHA has one of the best customer services


One of the things that I most envy Apple is your after sales service. His famous one year warranty is one of the strong points of the Cupertino. And I already advance that the guarantee of RHA is even better.

And after having a problem with one of the products of RHA, I decided to get in touch with them. I not informed that it was editor in Androidsis since I didn’t want preferential attention, but the truth is that the treatment I received was excellent as I advance English manufacturer to have one of the best services post sale I’ve ever seen.

So positive was the experience that I got in touch with Jakub Dziewięcki, toccount Manager of RHA, so respond to possible doubts that could arise to any user of Headset manufacturer warranty. Here you have a series of questions and answers with the main questions that may arise with respect to the guarantee of RHA.

RHA T20 (8)

RHA has a warranty at national or European level? How many years of guarantee are products of the brand?

RHA has an international warranty of three years for all its products.

If I buy a product of RHA at a local store and I have a problem, would who would manage the warranty, RHA, or the shop where I bought the product?

You can do it both ways; or go to the store or get in touch with RHA through the official website of the manufacturer.

If I buy any product from RHA in internet and I have a problem, how can I Contact RHA?

If you have any problem, you can directly contact with the Department of attention to the client of RHA through this link where you will fill in a simple form.

Your offices are located in Glasgow. When you can’t speak English, do I get in touch in Spanish?

RHA S500 (1)

Yes, even though our central offices are located in Glasgow you can communicate with us in the language that you want. We offer services to customers around the world so that there would be no problem in that regard.

If we have to send a product to RHA to be repaired, would who is responsible for shipping costs?

Shipping to our offices shall be borne by the customer, but RHA will cover shipping of the repaired product or the new unit to the customer. We always recommend to our customers that they are in contact with our customer service for advice on the best way to replace a defective product

How to tardáis mean repairing a product?

We usually have a margin of 24 hours, although it usually took less, even coming to solve the problem on the same day.

If RHA warranty does not cover product failure, how we should act in cases like this?

Our care team customer is responsible for handling each case individually. No matter what the problem, it is best to first contact the Department care RHA customer. We ask customers to keep your proof of purchase or to make a photograph to the purchase and save the image.  In this way, if something goes wrong, is easy to find the image to facilitate the entire process because we understand that not all our customers keep a receipt of purchase three years.

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