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How much do Google about us?

Google datos

We live in an era in which our computers and smartphones it know all about us. Such is the amount of data that accumulate on our customs, tastes, and needs that can “know us” better than anyone else. And Google is great because of this accumulation of data.

We say great guilt, but in general it is not something that, in principle, much bother users. And although all want to keep our privacy as much as possible, it is really comfortable to our account to provide us with key and remember us passwords, for example.

Our Google accounts know a lot about us

As we know, there are many applications and services that Google puts at our disposal. Not only do we use daily your browser. We also consult daily our email account. Some are connected to each time to your own social network Google +.

But there is a simple way to know how much information accumulates about us Google. There is an option to download an archive containing all our stored data. In this way we will know in detail data than the technology giant on us.

For this we must perform a few simple steps then we say. From the main Google portal must Access the “My account”option. Once inside our account we enter in the paragraph “Information and privacy”. And finally enter the option “Control of your content”.

In this way we will create a file for download. Select create archive” and opens us a new window in which we can mark different Google products. You can select different accounts that we use, such as gmail, or Google +. And after you choose the type of format in which we want to archive you can select Download.

productos Google

Google shows us what he knows of us

We will receive in our email account download link associated with the selected data. You might be amazed to see this file. Carried out searches, contacts, locations, played videos, etc. maybe offers more information about us from the desired, but this is something we can change.

If you think that we offer more data that we want to we will be able to access the configuration in our account. It’s easy to limit the storage and access to our data also. In the same aforementioned option “My account” access “Information and privacy”. And by clicking on the “My activity” you can select controls the activity of your account”. Here you can choose the data you want and those who do not want Google to store about us.

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