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How remove the marks of water in them photos that do with Prism

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Prism has become overnight in one of the most downloaded apps and this is due to its great capacity to apply filters that actually transform images into almost small paintings. Its algorithm makes a great work and to the “see” the image, has the ability of apply that good amount of filters that get that your photos are converted in something very different to what were originally.

They are with their problems on servers due to the large number of people since they launched it yesterday itself in Android, this app has the disadvantage that, by default, adds a watermark in the bottom right of the photographs that transform with its wonderful artistic filters. Then, you teach to remove that brand of water so the photos that transforméis, appear without it.

How remove the marks of water in them photos of Prism

  • From the main screen of Prism where we took the photos, click on the Settings button (sprocket)

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  • In the configuration of the settings, look for the option of “Add watermark” and disable it
  • Click back and already have the app ready to transform those photos without watermark

With this option disabled, your photos and they will not display more the watermark with the logo of Prism on the lower right side, so you can share it so that no one really knows with what app did those marvelous transformations that will leave perplexed anyone.

An app that has left us speechless by its large capacity and in a matter of weeks, both iOS and Android, it has reached stardom with tens of thousands of installations to even take Instagram with hundreds of thousands of photos that are sharing users to this social network of photography in which its filters now seem a little novice.

Download: Prism (Free, Google Play) →

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