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How see live the presentation of Google’s the next day 4 of October of 2016

Click here to view the embedded video.

In the next post I’ll show How to view live presentation of Google’s next day, October 4, 2016. A presentation or event in which the Mountain View us will present, among other many innovations, its new terminals Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, its new personal computers with operating system Andromeda who are equipped with long-awaited integration between Chrome Os and Android, the new Chromecast technology 4K, a new Wifi router with a very interesting design or even take to give us some other surprise , as usually spend in these presentations official, in which leverage to present us new updates important of their applications own.

To difference of others years in which Google have presented their news to door closed and us have had that learn by them different means of communication as the television or the press written, this year Google has decided take example of them large companies as Samsung, Huawei, LG or even Apple and perform the presentation official of their new products live via streaming of video to all the world. A streaming of video that will be issued live via You Tube, starting from the 17 hours, hour Spanish and to which going to to access with so only click in the video embedded that you leave just to the beginning of this post.

Google 4 octubre

In addition to facilitate you the link direct and the possibility of that see live the presentation of Google of the next day 4 of October of 2016, from here same Androidsis, you are going to have informed promptly especially what happens in the event more expected for them followers and sympathizers of Android.

An event in which many interesting new features such as the debut of new handsets from Google, a few new smartphones and tablets that will leave behind the name of Nexus by the brand new Pixel which is which will come to be the new and renovated image of Goblea to the world are expected.

Los Google Pixel serán más frágiles de lo deseado

Although in this presentation official of Google of the next day 4 of October to them 17 hours hour Spanish, not will be this it unique or of greater importance that can see, if not that one of them products more important and that is me seem more interesting, serizan them new ChromeBooks with system operating Andromeda, a system operating that would be the integration of Chrome you , the system operating based in the cloud that was which until now brought of series them portable of Google, more it integration complete with Android and its store of applications from which are going to to install applications Android directly from the Play Store of Google without greater problems.

An integration that not is would limit to so only this functionality of power use applications Android, if not that would be more beyond, and as happens in iOS of Apple that offers an integration total with OSX of them MAC through features as iCloud, Airplay or the total integration with their applications own as mail, calendar, notes, reminders and more Google could amaze us with an total between Android and Andromeda thanks to Drive integration and their native applications.


For my is certainly any it best that can expect of this event presentation of Google of the next day 4 of October of 2016, where in addition also is us will present them new Chromecast Ultra with technology 4 K and a rumored Router Wifi of which little thing know since not has transcended almost information.

Chromecast Ultra

In any case already are just five days so we leave doubts and thanks to video streaming, live, can Watch the official Google from front page, from a privileged seat from which hallucinate with all the alleged news that we are going to see the hand of Mountain View.

Let us hope that they are at the height of the circumstances and what is expected of them and let us not remain with bad taste in the mouth after having a few as high espectaticas towards the event.

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