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How to add a second layer of encryption to your files in Google Drive or Dropbox


Beta versions found in the Google Play Store often give amazing surprises by what can be found. Since, although it seems that apps tend not to innovate in certain aspects, that we can find some that can be used much for our daily chores.

This can occur with Dropbox or Google Drive, two storage spaces in the cloud where we have sensitive information and all kinds of files. To have a layer extra encryption protection of those data in the cloud, we can access an app which is in beta and is called Cryptomator.

How to add a second layer of encryption to Dropbox or Google Drive

Cryptomator is a tool that adds a second layer of encryption to files stored in Google Drive or Dropbox. There is no reason why you can not do this in the standard software on your desktop, but the Android app makes it easier to block and access those files with a mobile interface.


This app provides an encryption transparent from the client-side for the files you have in the cloud. You can access all from all of your devices to protect your documents from unauthorized access.

Cryptomator encrypts the contents of files and named them using the length of key 256 bit AES. It manages to be easier to “break” the encryption, so you have to choose a password and continue working on your files as if it does not happen anything. And it is one of its advantages is that it does not need configuration or an account to work.

It is expected that this app offers more support to other storage services in the cloud, although as many used Google Drive or Dropbox, now it is one very interesting app to add more security to those accounts.

Download: Cryptomator Beta (Unreleased) (Free, Google Play) →

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