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How to add Add ons in Minecraft Pocket Edition

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Minecraft PC version is mainly distinguished by the ability that has to Add mods that allow radically change aspects of the game. And not only this, but that has a community of modders that is one of their main qualities if we compare it to the console and mobile versions. This is why Mojang looking how to take that concept to the mobile.

Since version 0.16 or higher, and you can add Add ons that allow to perform well interesting changes to the game. From Minecraft/addons website, you can find two that has recently added Mojang so two worlds that are almost two own games if so try: Alien Invasion and Castle Siege. Is by this that you are going to teach as to install those Add Ons in your terminal Android for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

How to add Add ons in Minecraft Pocket Edition

  • The first is have installed Minecraft Pocket Edition in its version 0.16 or upper
  • Now we go to this minecraft/addons and download any of the two Add ons that has launched Mojang. I recommend Alien Invasion, because it pays better in terminals of quality
  • Now, from a file browser (in my case using Total Commander, but is anyone else as ES File Explorer), we went to downloads
  • We locate the alien-invasion.605d227de07b.mcworld downloaded file and rename it a:

  • What we do is convert it in format .zip for to unzip the folder in the directory of games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds


  • It should look like the image below:


  • Only launch Minecraft Pocket Edition now we
  • Give to play
  • And select the ‘Decree Alien Invasion‘ world


  • Be released and we will already have all the alien invasion to play it with friends or alone

Minecraft will be adding more add ons official and we have a whole community of modders. Remember that this form of add add ons only serves for finished files in. mcworld.

Download: Minecraft: Pocket Edition (6.99 €+, Google Play) →

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