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How to adjust the colors on screen in the Samsung Galaxy S8

Consumer Reports señala que pantalla rojiza del Galaxy S8 no es un gran problema

As you know all and all, the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus of Samsung already are on sale in several countries, although they will not come to Spain officially until next Thursday, April 28. And as usual in all big launch, new terminals come with controversy including as some devices seem to present a Red screenproblem.

But after several tests, from Consumer Reports, they point out that the problem is not so serious, since Samsung say that it is a question of the display settings, and that will release a software update that will make it easier for users that can make the appropriate adjustments. Today, and although obviously I have a Galaxy S8 in my hands, I tell you How to modify the way in which colors are represented in the Samsung Galaxy S8, so already you will be prepared for when you may have it available.

How to change the colors of the Galaxy S8 screen

As you will see below, the process is very simple but you will have to follow some steps:

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • Enter the screen section.
  • Click on the option screen mode.
  • And now choose between different screen modes available, which one you like.

This option is useful for those users who have screen-specific needs, as for example, photographers, who may wish to observe a more realistic image of the images. Perhaps you prefer having the optimized screen for watching videos. But If you’re still not satisfied with the result, you can manually adjust the colors, as I show below.

How to make the screen less reddish or pink or warm

If you are suffering this so-called red screen problem and you think that your S8/S8 Plus Galaxy shows a too-warm tone to your liking, also you can modify the color balance by adjusting the individual red, green and blue values, the three basic colors that make up all the colors you see on the screen.

Play with the sliders until you find the look that you like, but keep in mind that Samsung will launch, said, a next update that will “refined” these adjustments of color for best results.

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