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How to avoid Facebook us spy

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Yesterday I told you in an article that you let many of you very restless, the possibility more than likely that Facebook and other app installed on our androids, were able, without our prior consent, spy on us thanks to microphones or cameras integrated in our smart devices. Afortudamente, in the world of devices Android can almost do anything, and in this case, for peace of mind of all the users of Facebook and other sensitive applications, I am going to teach the way we have of avoid Facebook us spy. Good Facebook or any application that we have installed on our Android.

In the attached video with which we began this article, trick or tutorial basic Android and their installed applications, security I show you a very simple and visual way everything then you step in the next post, a post that is oriented to give solutions to avoid Facebook or similar applications are able to make and unmake his whim or free will within our Smartphones and Android tablets.

Method 1 – for users of Android M, Xiaomi or terminals that allow you to change the permissions of applications on Android

android candado

The simplest method for prevent Facebook us spy or any application that we have installed in our terminals Android, in principle, is available to all users that we enjoy an Android device with a version of Android 6.0 or higher versions like the preview of Android, and is from Android M or 6.0 Android, Google’s operating system within the Manager or application Manager incorporates a new option that will give the possibility of granting us under the name of permissions, or deny permissions for each application that we have installed in our devices one by one.

This new feature of Android M, can be found in settings/applications or application manager and then clicking within the application that we want to control and clicking on the permissionsoption.

Permisos facebook Android M

If your terminal is not updated to Android M but have a terminal Xiaomi brand or some ethnic Chinese as the Bluboo Dogee, UMI, Vernee terminals or many others that we have had the pleasure to analyze here in Androidsis, also, still no Android 6.0, surely you can access permissions of installed applications thanks to a option called App Permisions. Xiaomi brand terminals, we have this option also within the application manager as it happens in Android M.

Method 2 – for users who don’t have access permissions of applications

Swipe for Facebook

If you don’t have the Android M on your Android phone and lack a Xiaomi terminal or one of those models of terminals that I have mentioned which include the option or feature known as App Permisions, the only thing you have to do to avoid that Facebook us spy, (or any other application), is the option to uninstall the original Facebook application famous for the waste and large consumption of battery and resources in general our androids, and opt for the download and installation of applications or alternative clients such as Swipe for Facebook or Facebook Lite. Undoubtedly, besides asked fewer permissions, your Smartphone or Tablet Android would appreciate you it short time.

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