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How to block Apps through Android fingerprint reader

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In this practical tutorial video I will teach how to protect all of our applications to control access using fingerprint readers already incorporated in the majority of terminals Android today. So, I am going to teach a very simple way to block Apps using the fingerprint reader with the download and installation of a totally free application for Android.

The application that responds to the name of Fingersecurity, as it could not be otherwise, have it available free of charge in the Store Play from Google. A fully functional free version to block any application installed on your Android device, which also has a version of pay or Premium which also allows customization of various aspects of the user interface. Then by clicking on “Continue reading this post” can access the direct link for downloading via the Google Store Play, as you will know everything we offer, for me is the best application for managing access to applications installed on our Android using the fingerprint of our Android reader.

What does Fingersecurity?

Cómo bloquear Apps mediante el lector de huellas dactilares de tu Android

Fingersecurity is an application created to give security to the applications installed on our Android terminals, an Security and total control of the applications installed on our devices, system settings, and even new or future applications that you install from Google’s Store Play or external by downloading and installing APK files.

It is extra security application by application through the fingerprint reader can be of our droids, or via password, pattern or PIN in case of not having an Android device with built-in fingerprint reader. In turn is valid for the majority of present fingerprint readers, for which come incorporated in the Home button of our Android as which are installed in the rear of the device.

How can I block Apps using the fingerprint reader?

Cómo bloquear Apps mediante el lector de huellas dactilares de tu Android

In the attached video with which we begin this post, I teach in a complete step by step tutorial, simple using the Fingersecurity application to block Apps using our androids fingerprint reader, a very easy to use application and since its free version allows us to do things as interesting as that then you step to enumerate :

  1. Protect installed applications, system or system without a threshold settings.
  2. Show or hide the indicator’s fingerprint to unlock the protected app.
  3. Animations on the screen of the application blocking.
  4. Option to directly protect installed applications, as they are installed through the Play Store or manually by downloading and installation of inspirational. It also has options of doing nothing in this regard or ask to install new application
  5. Protection for that from the recent applications window also be requested the fingerprint or password for access to the application protected.
  6. Option of continuous blocking of apps selected so that nothing outside of the application in question is we again ask the footprint.
  7. A one-time application blocking option until the screen turns off and the terminal between resting.
  8. Easy Apps unlock option so we will just be asked this footprint once per session, until we return to block our Android, just ask the footprint for the first time that we access any protected app.
  9. Option to protect the application so that you can not be uninstalled unless we introduce the fingerprint fingerprint or failing password, pattern or pin.
  10. Options to change the subject or footprint animation to show on the screen of the application blocking.

Download Fingersecurity from the Google Store Play

Download: FingerSecurity (*, Google Play) →

Another option to block Apps using Terminal Samsung fingerprint reader

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If you have a Samsung handset as it is my case with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, surely you find or you have installed any modified Rom that has added in the settings functionality called App Lock.

In the attached video that I have left just above these lines I show you this option integrated in the Rom NoNaMe V5 I flashed already does a lot of time in my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. A Rom of the best and stable that I have tried in my Samsung and I taught to install more tutorial video in this post.

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