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How to convert Android in a Sony PSP with the best PSP Android emulator

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Do you remember the mythical already PSP Sony PSP?. A console that came to bring us the games of great quality of Sony for to play them of way drinking beyond where us find. As well, this new video post, I am going to show in a way very but very simple, how to convert Android on a PSP games Sony PSP in order to run on any Android device with a minimum technical specifications required.

This we will get with the only download and installation of a totally free application for Android, which also boasts an impressive Premium version or payment that the truth be told is more than recommended the purchase of the same. So if you like learn as get convert your Android in a PSP of Sony without follow complicated tutorials of flashing and without the need of have a terminal rooted or nothing by the style, you advise that in addition to click in “follow reading this post”, also you throw a look at to the video Deputy with which started this article to see that such works this sensational emulator of PSP for Android , which without any doubt is considered by many users as the best PSP Android emulator.

Cómo convertir Android en una PSP de Sony con el mejor emulador de PSP para AndroidFor start tell them that this emulator of PSP for Android it going to to find directly in the store of applications official for Android, the Play Store of Google or Google Play through the link direct that you leave a little more down these lines. An application that from your version completely free is completely functional to the saved of our split, although also has with a version PRO or of payment that by just them five Euros, in addition to support to the developer of the application, also are going to have of best and more advanced options of customization and configuration of which comes to be to day of today the best emulator PSP for Android of the time.

Tell you that PPSSPP is fully compatible with terminals Android with versions of Android 2.3 or higher, with what can tell that is practically compatible with all them terminals Android of the time current, although if like enjoy of a good experience of game and quality without slowdowns or cuts in the same or closures forced going to have that have of a terminal Android relatively powerful with a minimum of 1 gb of memory RAM although is recommended for an experience game optima, a RAM of 2 Gb or higher memory.

Cómo convertir Android en una PSP de Sony con el mejor emulador de PSP para Android

Likewise is us advises from it own description of the application in the own Play Store of Google, that is are reporting problems of certain users with terminals with processors based in architecture ARMv6, so also can say that for an experience of game optima also serious need a processor ARMv7 or upper.

A time proven all these requirements and installed the application, already will be in available of download images .iso of them games of PSP of Sony, images that are going to power find to heaps by Internet and via Torrent, which with so only copy in the memory internal or external of our terminal Android, logically without compress, already van to be in conditions of be executed by PPSSSP as if had within our terminal Android a PSP Sony,

In addition, can also perform backups of those old games that you have surely saved by some dark drawer to play them from your Android device, although these copies must be in .iso format at the moment does not work the backups stored in EBOOT format.

Cómo convertir Android en una PSP de Sony con el mejor emulador de PSP para Android

If want to see that such works this sensational application that emulates the PSP in Android, I invite you to see the video attached embedded in the header of this post since in he you tale all what us offers PPSSSP which is considered as the best emulator PSP for Android.

Download PPSSSP-PSP Emulator free from the Play Store

Download: PPSSPP – PSP emulator (Free, Google Play) →

Download PPSSSP – PSP Emulator PRO from Play Store

Download: PPSSPP Gold-PSP emulator (4.99 €, Google Play) →

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