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How to delete contacts that have duplicates on Android

Contactos duplicados

There are apps that get save us a time of more than we can consume in other tasks more productive. He have that be looking for them contacts duplicate in the phone for thus our agenda has something more than order, can get to be a task arduous and well heavy, by this same always have the luck of access to apps of developers of third or any new of Google that brings get a super functionality.

Google contacts has been updated today with several good interesting news. And, although is an app that not is available of form global in the Google Play Store, can access to she to benefit us of an of those features extras that us can come very well to eliminate them contacts that have duplicate in the agenda of the phone. For those who have hundreds of contacts this guide you will come of pearls, so move on before she.

How to remove duplicate contacts that we have on our phone

  • The first thing is to have installed version 1.5 of Google contacts who just updated today
  • It downloads from here:

Download version 1.5 of Google contacts

  • Now the next thing is to open it and headed to the Burger menu or the left side navigation panel
  • From this space will find a section called “duplicate”


  • Click on it and your phone will quickly teach us cards with the contacts that we have duplicated. Each an of those cards will show the times that have the contact filed in the agenda phone
  • Click on “link” in each an of them cards and is merged them contacts of form automatic what in if will facilitate many them things at the time of having properly organized our agenda

An app that is characterized by include them tags to classify groups of contacts, so if want to have all organized, pass you to explore well that app, is of great help.

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