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How to download songs from Spotify Premium

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Spotify is the most used in the market streaming music service. Your price competitive it have developed in an element essential in many devices Android, more taking in has that your version free is quite complete.

Today I bring a very simple tutorial video that you teach all the steps to learn how to download your songs or lists of Spotify in a quick and easy way to avoid having to spend your Smartphone data.

I teach how to download songs or playlists on Spotify

Spotify 30 millones

As you will see in the tutorial that heads this article, download songs or lists of reproduction using Spotify is very simple. The only requirement? have Spotify Premium. A detail that I recall is that it depends on the quality that we download music, it will take more or less. And the difference is quite noticeable.

To give you an idea, the same lists that I have downloaded in normal mode occupy 12 GB while in extreme quality pass to almost 30 GB. Another important detail is to use a quality memory card. I was a time using a very old 8 GB card and noticed that Spotify took forever to load, and not to mention see different playlists, that was a real torture.

The thing is that looking for a little online I realized that the blame was speed reading that offered my card micro SD, so at Amazon I bought a32 GB class 10 card which complies well with what I need and didn’t cost me or 15 euros.

Keep in mind that, if you want to download music in extreme quality, depends on the lists that you want to download you will need a larger memory. And alsoebeis check the compatibility of your phone with card micro SD, since certain sizes do not work in some older smartphones.

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