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How to download videos I came now that it will disappear


In this was technological in which them services van and come to try to remove you that piece of cake to the competitor, almost nor suffer before the disappearance of some. Google Reader was difficult to snap when a few years ago the big G removed it in the middle leaving the RSS a little orphans. Luckily appeared Feedly and we have again those readers who help us to be informed on a daily basis.

Yesterday was the day for Vine, but rather to an end, since Twitter has decided that the service is not worth it and removed it. As we are talking about a service that lets you create videos of 6 seconds, surely that in your account or those that you’ve followed, you will have a lot do you won’t want to miss. It is the reason for this entry to tell you the steps you have to follow so that you don’t miss them.

While we hope that Vine put at the disposal of the users that tool to perform a local backup of all the uploads that you have made to your account, you can opt to install a set of applications that allow us to download these video clips of 6 seconds in a jiffy. Best of all is that they occupy little space, so it quickly, unless you have many, you can have them in your hand.

To the jDownloader have to vDownloadr

jDownloader is a well known in the PC app and that almost leads to is called vDownloadr and is the very best when it comes to download those Vines. The form is handled is quite simple, since if you give to share a video came, you can pass it to this app that you may already have in the local memory of your device.


It is best that the own app has a video player that lets you watch those Vines to have them whenever you want. Remember to save the files in the internal memory, since from the page of the application is recommended as well.

Download: vDownloadr (for Vine video) (Free, Google Play) →

Saver for Vine

The second app for this reason and that allows download and save those favorite vines in the same way as the previous one. This is that you you must share the vine from the official app to share with this. You can also copy the link and paste it to the “show content” button.


You can save video, images and the description text of the video and you’ll have a shortcut on the toolbar of notification in order to access the video came to download.

Download: Saver for Vine (Free, Google Play) →

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