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How to enable the display environment on any Android Motorola

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In the next post as a simple video tutorial handy, I will teach step by step How to enable the environment on any Android screen, functionality that comes standard on the terminals from Motorola or Moto X bike G range, which under the name in English of Ambient Display offers new features for the rest of our Android devices mode.

For installing Ambient Display or display environment of Motorola on any Android device alien to the brand now owned by Lenovo, logically will have to meet certain requirements that then you step in detail. If you don’t you’re Root user or you have installed Xposed not continue reading this post since this option is not going to serve, instead, to enjoy the Motorola screen environment, you have the option of simple installation of this application free for Android, available directly in Google’s Store Play.

What is Ambient Display or display environment of Motorola?

Pantalla ambiente Android

Ambient Display or Display environment of Motorola, is a feature that premiere Motorola in its range of devices such as the G bike or Moto X, with which, once the terminal enters sleep mode, activates this feature known as Ambient Display, with which terminal will react through different sensors installed in our devices , so when we lift up a flat surface or when for example draw pocket, show us a smart display on a black background showing us the clock and calendar of our Android as well as a complete list of the latest notifications received.

Likewise, Ambient Display will be activated provided we have not covered the proximity sensor to show us the latest notifications received as soon as we enter a new notification or message. This is very useful because if we carry it in your pocket, we’ve got it upside down, or closed with a cover type book, this functionality of screen environment not will it activate as it is considered that it is not necessary which also adjusts to the maximum consumption of battery of this sensational functionality.

Can I enable the functionality of Motorola screen environment on my Android device?


This functionality which in principle only comes enabled series on Motorola terminals, specifically in the range bike, now you will enjoy with your Android device provided you comply with these essential requirements to install this new feature on your Android:

  1. Have a terminal Android Rooteado and Xpossed Framework flashed. If you have a Root terminal and don’t know how to install Xposed Framework, a little below I leave you a full video tutorial made just a week and where I explain step by step the correct way of installing Xposed on Android.
  2. Be in a version of Android Lollipop or Marshmallow.

If you meet these two requirements, you will then be one of the lucky owners of Android that can enable this functionality for terminals Motorola Moto, simply follow the simple steps that you explained in the attached video tutorial with which we started this post.

How to install Xposed in Android?

Click here to see the video

If you have a Root terminal and still you have not decided by the installation of Xposed on Android, I advise that you take a look at the video that I leave just above these lines where I explain the simple process of installation and flashing Xposed Framework on Android.

How to enable the display environment on any Android Motorola


How I show you in the video that I’ve started this post, to install screen environment of Motorola on any Android functionality, only we are going to have to go to the application Xposed Installer and section or section of the downloads, search the module [LL-MM] Enable Ambient Display – Xposed and click on the box that says install.

Once installed the module and applied, only us will have to direct to the Xosed Installer Framework section and select the option to reset or soft reset so that the module is correctly applied.

To configure it to your own liking, you should just follow instructions or tips that you Indian in the video tutorial from the beginning of the post.

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