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How to enjoy iOS-style fast control panel

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Once again I bring you one of those post, in this case video post that you like in that I ask or you ask applications to modify the appearance of our Android, and as in this case that concerns us, can enjoy the control panel quick-style terminals such as the iPad iOS or Apple iPhone , on any Android device without being Root user just by being in a version of Android Kit Kat or higher.

How of usual, this application today to recommend and teach the basic settings, you step we will be able to download free of charge in the Store Play of Google, or what is the same, the official Android apps store. So now you know, if you want to know how to enjoy this Quick control panel in the style of Apple’s iOS, I advise that you take a look at the attached video that I have left at the beginning of this post as well as cliqueis in “Continue reading this post” where you will find direct for the download and installation of the necessary application link.

The application in question, application that you can download a little more down these lines, responds to the name of Quick Control Panel or Panel for quick access and this is all what we offer:

How have the contro panel quick iOS-style

Cómo disfrutar del panel de control rápido al estilo de iOS

Good to have this control panel rapid style of iOS of Apple and their iPhone and iPads, just going to have to download, install, and grant the necessary permissions that calls us for Quick Control Panel. Once done all this, we will only have to enter the settings of the application itself and configure it to your own liking, and according to our personal interests.

Settings of application in which we can configure almost any aspect of the panel, from the order of the toogles, music player and information, to the colors of the own backdrop in which we even have three subjects well differentiated and classified as Material Design, Black Theme and White Theme.

Cómo disfrutar del panel de control rápido al estilo de iOS

Thus, since the internal settings of the application we have these different options for configuration and customization:

  • Launcher settings.
  • General settings.
  • Colors.
  • Toogles section.
  • Music section.
  • Shortcuts section.
  • Information section.
  • Color of the panels.
  • Backup and support

Within each of these sections are going to be able to controlar all about as we are shown this backdrop or iOS-style quick control panel, all about how to organize the different sections of the panel, colors, position of elements, position of the launcher and plenty of options of configuration.

Cómo disfrutar del panel de control rápido al estilo de iOS

Download Quick Control Panel free from the Play Store of Google

Download: Quick Control Panel (Free, Google Play) →

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