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How to get out of the beta program of an application on the Google Play Store

Cómo salir beta

In recent years we have been accustomed us to participate in all kinds of betas to access these new features that put us long teeth. Until Google has not improved the Google Play, we should participate in the community Google + app, access the link to become a tester, and so go to download the application. A format that remained in force but which has been greatly improved since the last version of the Google Play Store.

Part of the betas, we may want an app specifically that it fully operational at all times, since, by helping in the development phase, it may happen that this version comes with some errors, so it is possible that you need to exit the beta program to access a final version that is clean of bugs you. Then you teach the steps to exit the beta of any application in which you find as a tester from the beta of Google Play program.

How to get out of an application on Google Play beta program

Today updated the Google Play Store with this option to exit the beta which we shall explain in detail:

  • The first thing is to install version 6.8 of the Play Store from this link
  • We installed the APK and possibly have the “Beta” tab from the “My applications”
  • Is important that this tab is available, and if not I recommend to you not to continue with the tutorial and expect you to update from the server-side (updates that launches Google without the need of updating the application from Google Play Store)

Salir de la beta

  • If you have the active tab, you press on it and you’re looking for the app. In this case I am going to use Maps
  • Already in Maps do scroll down until you find the option in a card called “You’re a Beta tester”

Cómo salir beta

  • Click on the “Quit” button that now we will not be part of the beta

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