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How to hide the Root Android to use apps not compatible with Root. (HBO, Netflix, Pokemon Go, etc, etc…)

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One of the things that seem most determined some application developers, is in the prevent access to the same Root Android users, and it is for this reason that I decided to create this simple video tutorial basic Android, with which we will be able to hide the Root Android very easily and without having to follow or complicated tutorials advanced or so if you want to dispose of Xposed Framework for Android.

I myself have seen this going to serve in order to use applications that in principle the users Root are not allowed to use, in this specific case personally, as I show you in the video that I have left just above these lines in that example, you teach as hide the Root to use HBO Spain which, in principle, is one of those applications that do not allow us to play content streaming to Root users.

Cómo ocultar el Root Android

How you can see in the attached video where I show you the simple operation to hide the Root Android, to get it just we have to resort to the download and installation of a totally free application, which have it available officially in the own Store Play of Google, which is official application store for Android.

Cómo ocultar el Root Android

The application that responds to the descriptive name of Hide my Root is so easy to use that only suffice to run it for the first time, click on the option Hide its Binary, grant superuser privileges and start enjoying those applications that detect you the Root and which do not allow you to use them in your terminal Android Rooteado. That’s how easy and simple!.!

Cómo ocultar el Root Android

Anytime we have to need access visible Root for all applications, since this application hides the Root for all the applications installed on our Android, just will have to reopen the application Hide my Root and click on the second option Restore your Binary to enjoy all the benefits we have terminals rooted Android users.

I recommend that you take a look at the video tutorial on the use of the application, a video tutorial that I have left right at the beginning of the post, and in which I show and hide the Root to run HBO Spain perfectly in a terminal rooted.

Download Hide my free Root from the Google Store Play

Download: Hide my Root (Free, Google Play) →

Download Hide my Root Adfree no ads for help to the developer of the app

Download: Hide My Root Adfree (1,23 €, Google Play) →

If you does not appear in Google’s Store Play due to compatibility issues with your Android device or problems with availability in your geographical area, you can always choose to directly download the apk from Hide file my Root to a manual installation of the application by clicking on this link, that Yes, remember to enable from your Android in the security option settings , the box that will allow you to install applications from unknown sources.

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