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How to know if someone reads your posts even if is disabled ‘Confirmations of reading’


WhatsApp has a number of features that serve for someone not controlling us as much as you’d like, but also to our play against when we want to know if a friend who is disabled the option ‘Read receipts’, has read sent messages. By what many times users can be well tight to not know if you really are read their messages.

There is a form of knowing if those contacts that are have really are reading your messages. And the way to do it is simple. The funny thing is that takes a while as known, but can be passed to your WhatsApp contact unaware, so if one is working, you can find out if actually your messages are read, even with that feature of ‘Confirmations of reading’ off.

How to tell if someone read your messages

To see if your contacts are reading your WhatsApp messages, only you have to send them a note of audio. If the voice message plays to the end, you will immediately see the double blue check indicating that they have seen the message, which means that they have probably seen your written messages. This trick works on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone mobile phones and other devices.

You have to know that this characteristic of ‘Confirmations of reading’ no can be deactivated for group chats, so there is no need to send messages of voice in chat groups to see if all are reading your posts, since indicates it the double checks.

And while this is one of the problems of privacy in WhatsApp, it is a simple way to know if the messages are read by the other party, although it may occur that you know and play with you in this regard. Nothing is infallible in an app like WhatsApp.

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