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How to listen to and delete everything you’ve said you ever Google

Cómo borrar registro de voz

Google Home, Amazon Echo and other so many gadgets that they will appear in the next years, focusing on the use of voice commands to provide users of all kinds of efforts ranging from the administration of mail, information about the meteorological State or the reproduction of some of our favorite tracks through some of the speakers that we have at home. In the case of Google, everytime you do a search for voice recording.

And not only in voice searches but in Android, when you say “Ok Google” the company also records it also. Nor is it that we should panic, since those of Mountain View allows you to preview and delete these recordings if wish you. So you are going to teach how to eliminate these recordings in a simple way and discuss the differences that they exist between the search service Google compared to the Siri or the Amazon Echo voice.

How to erase all the voice recordings

  • The first thing we will do is go directly to the page of activity of voice and audio from Google and begin erasing all of these recordings
  • Delete each of the recordings from individual or all can be at the same time
  • We have two ways. One is by clicking on the check boxes beside each of the voice records, empty what will appear at the top the option to delete. The other option is to click the icon three vertical dots on the top blue bar, click on “delete options” and a pop-up window “Delete your activity audio and voice”. Select the option today, yesterday or advanced
  • If you select the advanced option, you can choose between the last 4 weeks or the entire period

Actividad de voz y audio

When we are already diving for these privacy-related options and voice searches made history, we also have other options for activity on the Web and in applications, which allows us to consult old searches and content that you’ve sailed in Chrome, and related to the map of the locations stored in the history of YouTube from this page.

I have to say that while the voice recordings can be “Paused”, will they restart the next time that you use the virtual assistant, the voice search or say “Ok Google”. Google maintains that thanks to these records it is capable of improving the stored speech recognition of your voice inputs, so keep that in mind when it comes to delete all.

Google being transparent while other not so much

Eliminar activdad de audio

At Google he is criticized speak clearly on its way to handle all data takes the user. In regard to the recordings of everything said in the voice search, even allows you to access the web so that you can delete all messages or those that you want. A way of being more transparent that it is long distance than do other similar services such as Siri, in the hands of Apple, and Echo, owned by Amazon.

Siri takes care of storing your data for two years. When speaking to Siri, the conversation is sent to Apple to be analyzed. Random numbers are generated to represent you and your voice data associated with the virtual assistant. This code is different from the user ID of your UDID and Apple, but is filled with saved history of Siri. Once a file is six months old, the number is dissociated from the recording, but it remains up to 18 months. To make this not happen is disable Siri so factors that you identify are deleted.

On Amazon, circulates information through the network of which the FBI can not confirm or deny that you intervene in the listener through Amazon Echo. So we always recommend that you think it twice searches to provide these services.

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