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How to make pictures-style Live Photos in Android

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In the next post I will show How to make photographs-style Live Photos on Android. Live Photos is a functionality added directly in the Chambers of the new Apple iPhone, which we will be able to enjoy it on your Android device thanks to the installation of a completely free application for Android that we have available officially in the app store for Android Google’s Play Store.

The application that responds to the name of Fyuse is more than a simple camera for Android application, since it is a social network to share our Lives Photos with a result that has nothing to envy to the functionality built into the aforementioned terminals of Apple. By clicking on “seguiir reading this post” you can access the download of the application, as well as know what offers us this stunning and innovative application for Android. In addition, the embedded video that I leave just at the top of this article, I teach main features that offers Fyuse as well as the simple method of use of the application to take the best shots in the purest style Live Photos of Apple.

But what if a Live Photo?

Cómo realizar fotografías al estilo Live Photos en Android

A Live Photo is much more than a simple conventional panoramic photography or photography in motion, and with the help of the sensors included in our terminals Android, sensors such as gravity, gyroscope or accelerometer sensor, we are going to get a few photographs in motion and in any direction to take much more angle of the captured image. In addition to this that already the functionality of panoramic photos or photos 360 Photospere of our Android offers us, the big difference is that we will be able to enjoy the saved picture and interact with it equally with our Android sensors responding to the movement.

So we will have an interactive photo gallery where we can literally move through your saved photos to scan and have more perspective of the moments we often capture thanks to cameras integrated into our next-generation Android terminals.

What does Fyuse?

Cómo realizar fotografías al estilo Live Photos en Android

Fyuse, as you say rather than a simple camera for Android application, is a great application to style network for Android, with which we will be able, in addition to taking high quality photos in the style of Apple’s Live Photos, share or see the creations of users of the application itself.

Supports this feature of Live Photos of apple com my Android?

Cómo realizar fotografías al estilo Live Photos en Android

Given the characteristics and features of this free application for Android, to be able to enjoy Live Photos of Apple on your Android device functionality and therefore can install Fyuse, before you have to make sure if you meet these minimum requirements for your application, besides it downloaded and installed to be able to run on your Android:

  • Be in a version of Android 4.4 or higher.
  • Have at least one camera integrated on your Android.
  • The Chamber must have a minimum resolution of 720 p.
  • Have gravity, gyroscope and accelerometer sensors.

Fulfilled once these minimum requirements already will be able to download and install Fuyse Android Google’s own Play Store by clicking on the direct link I leave just below these lines.

Download free Fyuse from Google’s Store Play

Download: Fyuse – 3D (Free, Google Play) photos →

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