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How to open open tabs in Chrome with a quick gesture

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Chrome is now one of the best web browsers , we have Android and that, even if you have a heavy burden as application, when you have a terminal that is able to fly, the experience I use offering is simply magnificent. Then is an application that has its tricks and Google continues updating it to even receive an own version in a future close so is can use them Google Cardboard and so navigate by the web.

Among those tricks, there are those who allow us to outflank us on the speed of use and, consequently, productivity we can get if we know use them. One of them is the gesture that us allows open or, rather, manage all the tabs that we have. Those steps in have that go to the button of tabs open, press you and so is open the option to manage the tabs, can be saved completely with the trick that then comment on.

How to open the tabs in Chrome with a fast swipe

What will really do is open all the tabs that you have in less than one second or a tenth of a second as he sang Nacha Pop in that mythical song in his repertoire.

  • Open Chrome
  • From the bar of navigation we make a gesture or swipe down
  • Opens before us the interface with all open tabs for power so close with a push on each of them

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  • As a bonus: you can close all tabs if from that interface you press about three vertical dots button located in the top right and press on “Close all tabs”

A Quick and easy trick to have all those tabs open before you close them and not have to go through the most common steps. I also recommend that you go through this post where I teach to get greater performance to Chrome.

Download: Browser Chrome-Google (Free, Google Play) →

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