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How to play the Instant Games for Facebook Messenger

Instant Games

Already said yesterday, Facebook has greater intentions with his Messenger for the future from una application that bring us surprises and which looks like much the “all-in-one” WeChat. The latter has a great domination in the Asian market and for a simple reason: you install it and have everything you need from a smartphone. Although here we have another way of understanding the apps, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg will try to find all possible ways that everyone install your Facebook Messenger.

One of the ways to do this are the Instant Games that were announced two days ago and that allow you to access quality casual games. One of the greatest virtues of these games is that, to be in HTML5, you will not need install any separate app, so it is search for them via Messenger and you can have a great departure from the comfort which means having installed an app that already passed the 160 megabytes. We will show you how to access those games if you find yourself lost among all the features of Facebook Messenger.

How to play any video game of Instant Games

If you are accustomed to take a few games to the game of basketball and football Facebook Messenger, from here you can access a guide to make it if you don’t know, is from a conversation in chat.


You must have installed the latest version of Facebook Messenger. Even so, there is no guarantee that you have active this option, because as often happens many times, these are activated from the side of the app server. So do not worry if you cannot find it, it may be that you have to wait a few hours or days before you play these games from Instant Games. That Yes, go through the Google Play Store to check that any update of the app.

We are going to steps to make everything simpler.

  • Spears Facebook Messenger
  • You start a conversation or go to one that is already open for any contact or friend
  • In Android, you will have a series of icons that correspond to a number of features. Have of see the icon of “control of game” that is located between the icon of emojis and the of Gifs animated

Icono juegos

  • Clicking on that icon, you’ll go to the entire list of video games that you have available
  • Select one and you can find it screen of load of the game in if. When finished will allow you to select “Play” so so you can also challenge your friend or contact on Messenger

When you finish the game and leave the game, your contact will be notified of your score and will challenge you to you exceed in score. This what it means is that you can try to repeat the headings all the times you want until you get the score you think that cost you beat your friend or family member.


When the other person accept the challenge, you will receive an update of your score and an option to play again with a message that will take you directly to the departure to thus beat him in scoring.

The games are varied and we have the Bandai Namco Pac-Man or the own and original Arkanoid. They are casual games that are running high, although they have their own limitations as you can see when to take a few games. Anyway, we are nothing more than at the beginning of a capacity for video games that will increase in proportion with the time, so it is hoped that we have the best games in this app called Facebook Messenger.

If you were passing a boring time and you didn’t want to or data to download games from the Messenger that you have on your smartphone, you can access a good list of them of all varieties and categories.

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