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How to put different volume levels for each of your Bluetooth accessories


Because has been improving the Bluetooth technology, increasingly lower extra consumption in the life of the battery of the mobile device. This has allowed to expand the joy among the manufacturers and we see a lot of accessories that allow us to enjoy all kinds of property as it is to connect the phone to the car, a speaker, a gadget for the home, or even this keyboard.

Many more Bluetooth devices have linked, more can be the mess to be changing the volume level of each of them, so it is very interesting that we somehow manage them all so we flew not crazy. Apart from the fact that each time the headphones are connected, the phone reboots safe volume level. So we’ll be tweaking the volume every few minutes. You are going to teach how get different levels of volume automatically every time you connect a Bluetooth accessory.

It first: install Bluetooth Volume Control

We are going to install the first thing the app Bluetooth Volume Control. This app will be which will allow you to set volume levels by default for each Bluetooth accessories that you linked on your phone. You can download it for free from the Google Store Play without problems:

Download: Bluetooth Volume Control (Free, Google Play) →

It can be installed on Android 5.0 and higher, so no problem for the majority of current Android devices.

Second step: putting your Bluetooth accessory volume levels

Now simply open the app and make sure that the Bluetooth connection is activated on your phone. Now, we will see a list of all Bluetooth accessories that we have linked to your Android device. Each of the entries you will need two sliders. One, top, is for the adjustment of volume of media from the device, while the bottom is to adjust the incoming audio. We are going through the list by selecting each accessory to put different levels of volume.


From this moment, the second or two that we have connected one of the Accessories Bluetooth to the phone, the volume slider appears on the display and automatically you can set it to the desired level for this accessory in particular.

It will not do anything, only expected a few seconds after connecting the Bluetooth device, and then applies the exact volume level.

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