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How to regain access to your Samsung mobile if you have forgotten the password or PIN

Cómo recuperar el acceso a Android si has perdido tu contraseña o el código PIN

If you have forgotten the password or PIN code on your Android device, you should not worry too much If your phone is the Samsung brand.

The only thing you need to regain access to your mobile device is a web browser and your account from Samsung. With these two things, you will be able to use your smartphone in a short time.

How to regain access to Android with the Samsung account

To regain access to your phone through the Samsung account, you must use the function Find My Mobile or search my mobile Samsung. In addition to reset your password, you can also use the function to identify the exact location of your device on a map or even make it sound, block or erase all data remotely.

First, you must open your web browser and go to the Find My Samsung Mobile service. You’ll be asked that you log into your account from Samsung, but it is the first time do you, the software will take several minutes to allocate your mobile.

Desbloqueando terminal Android

In the menu that appears on the right, click on button More and slides down to the Unlock option / unlock. When you click on this button will give you a small window which will ask you to enter the password of your account from Samsung.

After entering the password, your phone will be unlocked remotely and any password or PIN you’ve had previously will be deleted from your device.

Unfortunately, other Android devices do not have this option. Although you can block or delete all data from your mobile phone remotely using the Android Device Manager, this service still does not offer the possibility to unlock the phone. So if you have forgotten your password on an Android device that is not a Samsung, you will have to use the Android Device Manager to restore your phone to factory settings.

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