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How to remove persistent notification of Prism that appears when using the app

Notificación persistente

Them notifications permanent usually have a reason for exist as can be an app of meteorology, as is Weather Underground, that it have active for so know in all moment the temperature that makes and them possible precipitation for them following hours or days. We do not understand are those who stay persistent with no real use as with Prism.

Prism has become very popular in recent days and from here we try to help you even remove the watermark. An app that served the filters that apply thanks to its special algorithm to transform these photographs in small pictorial works of art. One of the handicaps of this app is that to the use it appears a notification empty in the bar of State that are going to explain its function and how remove it.

It is not clear the use of this notice, but perhaps it has to do when Prism processed photos to upload them to the server and return them with the filter applied. What happens is that the notification is is permanent although not the are using, something that pesters to many users. While we hope it is resolved soon with a new update, there is a simple solution which we shall comment.

How to remove persistent notification of Prism

  • We do a long press on the notification
  • In the majority of phones will be shown a icon of information with the name of the application. Click on that icon of information


  • Leads us to the app notifications so that you now press on the icon located at the top next to Prism


  • Click on “Force stop” to close the app


  • The persistent notification will disappear

As I have said, in an update will surely be corrected, but if you do not want to wait for this new version, you have that option to force close and delete the persistent notification.

Download: Prism (Free, Google Play) →

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