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How to save battery on Android M forcing Doze mode. Save up to 40% of battery!!

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Some of the problems that most users of mobile telephony in general, and in this Android is one of the pioneers, unfortunately, is the claim made to manufacturers so they believe mobile terminals, smartphones with greater battery capacity and therefore with an greater autonomy. Google not overlooked complaints from its customers, already implemented in M Android or Android 6.0, a new way of saving battery that under the name of Doze, the operating system achieves improved our androids battery management, although unfortunately not it enough to notice a great improvement of autonomy in terminals Android M I had pleased to personally test.

For the same reason I decided to create this post or tutorial practical which, helped by a self-made video, I’m going to teach, thanks to a simple application for Android, How to save battery life on Android M forcing doze mode and thus to a considerable saving of, nothing more and nothing less than up to a 40% saving of battery. Do you want to know as?. If, as are already taking long to click on “continue reading this post”.

How to save battery life on Android forcing Doze mode

 Modo Doze

Step 1 – check if our Android has implemented the Doze-mode function

Although doze mode is an option that is implemented as standard on versions of Android M, this is not a thing at all certain already that is at the expense of manufacturers implement this new feature of Android 6.0 in their terminals with custom layers and Android firmwares customized to suit your requirement to add or remove features of what would come to be a clean Android version.

Having said that, before proceeding with the installation of the application that I am going to advise to have greater control when and because your Android device enters doze mode, we first have to do a prior check routine to check and make sure that our model of Android device comes implemented with that aforementioned new own Android 6.0 functionality.Doze

To do this we are going to download a simple application for Android, of course for free, which simply with a click, we will make sure that doze mode is implemented on your Android device. To download the app in question, just click on this link that takes you to a post in which my colleague and friend Manuel Ramirez you explains how to use the required application.

Step 2. – download, run and configure Force Doze for Android M

The second and last step of this practical tutorial in which I teach you to save battery life on your Android with Android M terminal, is downloading, installing and running an application completely free for Android, available as it could not be otherwise since the own Store Play from Google, the official Android apps store. An application called ForceDoze and that you can get with just click on the attached link that I leave just below these lines.

Download: ForceDoze (Free, Google Play) →

The application is very easy to use with just give appropriate permissions on our Android, root permissions, or what is the same ROOT permissions, in addition to our Android access permissions.

Cómo ahorrar batería en Android M forzando el modo Doze. ¡¡Ahorra hasta un 40% de batería!!

In the attached video with which we started this post, as well as teach them using the application Check Doze, I also explain everything you need to know to run and Configure successfully ForceDoze for thus can save up to 40% of battery terminals Android that you have installed the application.

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