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How to stop sharing your WhatsApp with Facebook account information


WhatsApp yesterday gave a leap that can become dangerous, as there are many users who do not want that your phone number to be used for commercial purposes. It is not an attack on privacy or anything, but we already know as brings them Facebook information which possesses, so open a little door, in the future may be that it is always so.

The idea of Facebook and WhatsApp is that companies can be in contact with you directly through the messaging app. Anyway, we can close that door if we wish in a simple way and that next step to explain in a few steps. There is a quick good and when you read for the first time the change in the policy of WhatsApp, do scroll, press more, and you can disable the option to share your data.

How to stop sharing your WhatsApp with Facebook data

This second method is that you can use in all time for activate or disable the option for share your data of has with Facebook. So if you obviaste that screen that notifies the user by recent changes in WhatsApp, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the settings
  • Click on account
  • Here you will see a box of verification beside “share the information of has”

Info cuenta

  • Clear this check box to be out of the new guidelines imposed by WhatsApp and Facebook

WhatsApp is playing it a bit, since we are on the verge of receiving a new app messaging called Allo, of Google, that will be linked to the telephone number and that could spread as the foam such as has happened with Pokémon Go or Google photos.

If were to a Facebook that has been very clear always, surely that not hesitation both, but sometimes has gone by them shadows to perform certain actions, so we maintain cautious.

[Updated] To the deactivate the option not have form of activate it again. Know the why, but has that see more with that have 30 days to warn whenever there are to WhatsApp to not want that our information will be shared

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