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HTC again for the deployment of 10 HTC Android Nougat

HTC 10

It is not the first time that Android Nougat is impaired at the time of its deployment by different brands. Sony has suffered the misfortune of having to stop the update to Nougat to find a number of minor problems that tarnish the excellent user experience that you get when you have the 7.0 or higher installed on your phone.

Another manufacturer who has had to stop the deployment of Nougat is HTC Europe HTC 10. Again he had to stop along the way for the arrival of the 7.0 on your terminal’s high range which became one of the best of last year, although he was not given the approval by the general public.

Just two weeks ago became the same with HTC to stop the deployment of Nougat, already that he found several bugs that would lead them to various criticism by many users if the 7.0 had come to all devices.

Director of products and services of EME, Graham Wheeler, HTC has announced that the deployment of Nougat in Europe has been paused again, while the company search in the glitch emerged. Unfortunately, it is not expected to start again the deployment until next month, so it could be at least two weeks.

For HTC 10 users in mainland Europe, we’ve unfortunately had to pause the rollout as we look into a technical issue and work to correct it.

-Graham Wheeler (@wheelergd) January 26, 2017

Wheeler explains that while in Europe has stopped the deployment, Nougat is available in the United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey and the Middle East. With ZTE, Sony and others delaying or stopping their updates to Nougat, is well clear that this version 7.0 is bringing more headaches than they thought when it was announced. Aside, to their own Google suffered them with the Nexus 6 p, which saw them himself and wanted to have Nougat at the same time as the other Nexus.

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