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HTC is likely to launch a flagship in 2017 with Snapdragon 835


The game of Samsung has been very low to have the exclusivity of the 835 Snapdragon chip, which has left out of the game with its G6 LG. More will be terminals high range that will have the Snapdragon 835, as we know today with one that Sony will present at the MWC. Although it will be the Korean manufacturer which will give the onset of output that then come and others.

HTC will continue that game to launch another terminal of profile high that replace to the interesting U Ultra shown in the CES at the beginning of this month, a device premium with screen 2 K, screen secondary and a camera front of 16 MP. Anyway, the Taiwanese manufacturer has already on the Assembly line to another device premium which will replace HTC 10 last year; a terminal that seen with Nougat.

The President of connected devices and smartphones from HTC, Chialin Chang, division has mentioned in an interview given hours before, that the company is ready to offer other premium device which will be in its entrails to better CPU on the market. This will supposedly be HTC 11, which would replace the 10 HTC.

This is what he said Chang when said you that the Ultra U would be the only flagship of HTC in 2017:

At the time that there is a new CPU with enough power that will allow us to increase the performance of the devices, always will be in first line to do so. Some are talking about the timing for our launch, but the time was already determined to 9 months ago. It is the best CPU right now on the market. When our flagship HTC will be the first positioned to do so.

By the comment from Chang can be deduced that HTC already I was working on the Ultra for quite some time, although with regard to be the first to have the Snapdragon 835, seems very difficult knowing it from Samsung.

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When we look back, will be clear why HTC introduced those phones. We want to have a couple of months of leadership until the next high end CPU is released. But that will be another period of time, not in the MWC. What do ensure is that when a new chip is available, HTC will have another flagship.

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