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HTC may be preparing a new terminal style Edge. HTC Edge?


We have the evidence that HTC could be preparing the release of a new terminal to the pure concept Edge of Samsung,. A terminal whose name is perhaps a simple new feature added to its award-winning coat of HTC Sense customisation which would adopt the concept of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge Plus curved screens and their customizable dashboards which are the sea of useful or simply HTC Edge .

This layer of new customization that HTC would be preparing what would become HTC Sense 9, gives us to think that it would be especialmente designed for the call HTC Edge quotes, I say and stress it between quotation marks since we have a rumor which still not even put her name or know if there is such a greedy terminal Android.

HTC podría estar preparando un nuevo terminal estilo Edge. ¡¡HTC Edge!!Surely this is just rumors and speculation of a sick mind devoid of important developments by the manufacturer of smartphones HTC, although I bet for the brilliant idea that HTC is set to try their luck and give back to their bad situation with the release of which would be a new HTC Edge that could be very but very interesting for today’s consumer of Smartphones Android.

The truth is that the idea that gives us this filtered screenshot that demonstrates this new functionality added to the layer of customization of HTC Sense, every sense of thinking about the imminent arrival of a new model of smartphone. A new model HTC Edge that would want to take all the meat on the spit to lead the sale of terminals Android and once again become the reference company in the world of mobile technology that does not so long ago was.

And what your think?, are facing a new HTC Edge or simply will be a feature added to the layer of customization Sense HTC that would be compatible with all models of the multinational Taiwanese?. I personally am rooting for the choice of a new HTC Edge, and is that dream, as the old saying, is free.

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