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HTC Ocean Note would soon arrive with big screen and camera, but no Club

Ocean Note

If we grapple between the new smartphones arrive without bevel, others with dual configuration and many others without Club, would have to see how they would be the firms that designed the new smartphones deciding if integrating that or the other. It should not be an easy task right now define a ship logo, since it is impossible to have everything or that you guess in those elements that do become something indispensable.

One of the struggles is to eliminate Connection 3, 5 mm Club that seems to be that it will be one of the advantages of the new HTC Ocean Note, the code name of an impending phone from Taiwanese manufacturer for the next few weeks, but before. Precisely it would be January 12 when we could see the introduction of a new phablet called Ocean Note.

What is knowable, one of the main objectives of the Note Ocean of HTC is exceeded in the Pixel quality of Google. It is curious that the same company that has manufactured the Google phone, is the same one who wants to surpass in quality.

It would be in the screen and in the quality of the picture where HTC wants to focus to introduce ourselves a phablet that takes part of the care for a month where we will have the CES in Las Vegas. It would not only be a great quality on the screen, but that in the performance of the audio Taiwanese manufacturer should present another of their best cards.

We would have a few lateral curved edge and a c-type USB that removes the equation to the element that we know by Club’s 3, 5 mm and that helps us to continue our best headphones.

It is also known that it would be a MediaTek processor which would be in the bowels, so you can guess that HTC also wants to have a great autonomy for what would be a phablet.

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